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Synbio Panel Talk Sydney 2022

The topic for synbio panel discussion was "From Lab Bench to Industry," with speakers from a variety of companies working in the synthetic biology field in Australia.

Dec 21, 2022

Synbio Panel Talk Syndey 2022

Last night, Sydney played host to a lively panel discussion on synthetic biology, held at the University of New South Wales in the Biological Sciences and Biotechnology (BABS) atrium. The evening's topic was "From Lab Bench to Industry," and the speakers hailed from a variety of companies working at the forefront of the synbio field.

First up was Graham Hobba from Agritechnology, who spoke about the company's capabilities for scaling up synbio projects and the tools they use to bring these projects to an industrial level.

Next, Venkat Rao Konasani from Nourish Ingredients shared the company's approach to producing animal flavors without harming animals, as well as their vision for using high-throughput technologies to make this vision a reality.

Claudia Vickers, representing Eden Brew, took to the stage to discuss the company's plans to take on the milk market by using engineered organisms to produce the key components of milk. Eden Brew's vision is for "uncompromised animal-free dairy," and it's clear that they are dedicated to making this a reality.

Claudia Vickers telling the story of Eden Brew at Synbio Panel Talk 2022

Finally, Ben Holdstock from Heaps Normal Brewery shared the company's journey towards alcohol-free beer through the continuous testing of commercially available yeast strains until they found one that tasted great and didn't create alcohol. It was a fascinating look at the innovative approaches these companies are taking in the synbio space.

Overall, it was a thought-provoking and enlightening evening, with a diverse range of speakers sharing their insights and experiences in the exciting world of synthetic biology. If you missed out on this event, be sure to keep an eye out for future synbio panel talks in Sydney!

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