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Who we are

Synthetic Biology Australasia (SBA) was founded in 2014 and grew from a burgeoning community of scientists from universities and research institutes across Australia and New Zealand that recognised the promise of this exciting field. Our society has members from across Australia and New Zealand, from academia and industry, and is engaged internationally.

Our Goals

Fostering the synthetic biology network in Australia and New Zealand

We run a major international synthetic biology conference every two years and regular local and online events for our community.

Promoting career development

With synthetic biology rapidly growing in both academia and industry there are many excellent career opportunities. Building our community and networks supports growth.

Encouraging creativity and innovation

Our conferences and local node events bring together our bright and creative members to share ideas and innovate.


Synthetic biology is transforming industries and societies to improve environmental outcomes and SBA has sustainability at our core.

The Team

Jason Whitfield


Main Sequence Venture

Amol Ghodke

Vice President


Anwar Sunna


Macquarie University

Rashika Sood

Communication officer

Macquarie University

Mark Calcott

New Zealand representative

Victoria University of Wellington

Florence Ly

Student representative

PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia

Maddison McCoy

Emcr representative

UNSW Founders

Madi Smith

Communication Team

Innovation Coordinator, Sugar Research Australia

Jessica Liana

Communication Team

Laboratory Assistant, Australian Genome Foundry

Juan Martinez

Communication Team

CERC Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO

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Our community now includes social scientists, ethicists and artists, as well as computational and laboratory scientists. SBA is active in networking the Australian, New Zealand and International communities. We are an open and inclusive society and welcome new members and national and international connections.

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