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SBA Conference 2023

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15-17 November 2023


Perth, Australia
UWA Wilsmore & Tattershall Theatres

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1-31st July, 2023

SBA Conference 2023 - Perth


●    Bioactive Small Molecules
●    Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering
●    Biosensors and Devices
●    Energy/Fuel/Commodity Chemicals
●    Functional and Self-Assembled Biomaterials
●    Future Plants and Foods
●    Industrial Translation
●    SynBio Tools
●    SynBio Career Pathways
●    Social Responsibility and Ethical Boundaries of Synthetic Biology
●    Therapeutic Technologies


Business Events Perth
Ginkgo Bioworks
  MQ Biomolecular Discovery Centre

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Organising Committee:
Georg Fritz
(The University of Western Australia) - Organising Chair

Archa Fox
(The University of Western Australia)
Anwar Sunna
(Macquarie University)
(The University of Western Australia)
Tara Pukala
(University of Adelaide)
Charlotte Williams
(The University of Western Australia)
Birgitta Ebert
(University of Queensland)
Mark Calcott
(Victoria University of Wellington)
Rashika Sood
(Macquarie University)
Rebecca Wolters
(The University of Western Australia)
Jessica Kretzmann
(The University of Western Australia)
Patrick Schilling
(CSIRO, Victoria)
Oliver Mead

Scientific Advisory Committee:
Bernd Rehm
(Griffith University)
Colin Jackson (Australian National University)
Elizabeth Gillam (University of Queensland)
Emily Parker (Victoria University of Wellington)
Esteban Marcellin Saldana (University of Queensland)
Ionat Zurr (The University of Western Australia)
Jenny Mortimer (University of Adelaide)
Keith Shearwin (University of Adelaide)
Kirill Alexandrov (Queensland University of Technology)

Speakers (TBA)

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